Thursday, April 7, 2011

6 years old boy ~ Kenny Zhang Yu Wei

Kenny is now @ K#2 and he love playing Animal Kaiser gaming.. He had an elder sister but she only like to play Love & Berry.

Kenny Zhang boy boy was talkative and he was very active...running here and there...and everytimes ..tries to hit my AK machine buttons...haha...every cards my machine dropped ...he also show curiousty to see what card..The fun part is that he pointed to me at leo lion cub , blue young shark & icarus young eagle ..then mentioned (in chinese) proudly that he had these 3 "gold" card. I replied back to him nicely (also in chinese)making correction that these 3 should be "bronze" instead of "Gold"...anyway, he is just a simple cheerful and active 6 years old boy

He have the "china-man" look i asked him if he's from china ? He told me that his father is Singaporean and his mother is from China. Their family stays @ Singapore but they had went back to china a few times already over past few years even when Kenny was still a baby..This photo is Kenny Zhang making "ghost" face for photo pose...he was looking @ our Japan card collection full set from Version 1 to 4

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