Thursday, April 7, 2011

Buying AK card using $ from Iran & United Arab ??

Customer boy Ryan passed to me 2 foreign dollar notes from Iran (20,000 rials) & one from Arab (5 dirhams)...he wanted to buy some Japan AK cards ...I went to Money changer ...but the man do not accept both notes as they are not legal tender ? went to 2nd dealer ,also rejected both...finally arrive to 3rd money changer then able to change the arab 5 dirhams note to S$1.50 ! haha...We have not trade the cards yet ...will be returning the notes to Ryan

I made a quick check on the net ...and was amazed to find out that 20,000 rials only worth about S$3 + ...haha ...too bad the dealer doesn't even want to accept it here

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