Thursday, April 7, 2011

GOLD card is coming @ EXPRESS lane.......

Topic : The wonderful world of fishing and the extremes people go to to get that elusive gold

today after many months, I bring my son to play AK at arcade. Son of course very happy to see that there is no crowd and therefore can play as many games as he wants without being pressured.

Sit down in express lane, no queue, other 2 machines, only 1 occupied by family ... seen them before, always had impression they played for love of game ... nevermind my son start to play ... I have no sequence just sit next to my son watch him play .... fisherwoman hovering .... she look at the cards that come out after the game ... very loudly… “DECK A ...NEXT CARD SCHNIEDER...” She walk off.

Suddenly, wife from family playing the other side walk over to our machine and bring her 2 kids .... stands behind me. Calls timezone staff and complains my son play more than 3 games. Then I realise, GOLD CARD I told her its okay your kids can play ... we’ll go off but she classic tell me ... IT OKAY I HAVE NO CARD YOU GO AHEAD ....My son wants to play and not collect cards ... true enough exactly 9 cards before the gold drops ... she suddenly produces an arcade card and says she can play already. I’m not hard up for the gold ... just amused the lengths people will go to to get a GOLD .... sheesh

In a nutshell, the ugliness has returned. Am sure the situation on weekends must be alot worse

~ Claire

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