Wednesday, April 27, 2011

AK Club update ~ Is this place still popular ??

There is no official announcement about April month 's Champion League tournament @ AK Club ...its suppose to be evry last Saturday of the month which is 30/4/2011.
We check with the counter staff , but she was not sure ! Everyone also don't have information about AK club's animal Kaiser tournament..haha..I'm not sure what will happen to this league progress...we shall wait for further update & notice from organiser.

Note : Last month - March , AK club do not hold any tournament due to Fiesta 2011 event.

Here are the latest AK club layout....when i visited AK club yesterday :

Main door ...with AK club advertising strip...

Operating hours

A place for you to collect some cardlist

Rows of Toy catching machines...placed in front of AK wall paper...where are the AK machines ?

Here are the machines...only 6 of them instead of 8...placed at 1 corner

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