Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We need to get rid of dead wood.

Election issues to consider:

1. Ministers' pay... who are paying for these?!

2. Ministers' motivation... Is it for the money? If no, are they willing to take pay cut?

3. Ministers' intelligence or arrogance... Are they just too clever that only they can decide what is correct? The rest of us are just too stupid that we need foreign talent to take our jobs.

4. Do we want a materialistic, arrogant society? Leaders play a significant role in moulding the people. Singaporeans are now also known for arrogance!

5. Jobs - So many jobs created - at the casinos, to build HDB flats, cleaners, but where are the jobs for locals? If the jobs created do not match Singaporeans education and expectations, are the Government's plans wrong? Or is the government not creating the right jobs for the locals? Let's not take the easy route and say that there are many jobs available but Singaporeans are not taking it. The government is responsible to create the right jobs for the people, and not jobs that match foreigners.

6. Foreigners with high pay in top positions in DBS, Temasek etc... Singapore does not have enough talent?

7. Education - Is our education system providing education or just for taking exams? Our school system expctes children to learn outside to qualify for school!

8. Is our education depriving our children of living their lives as children? Imagine fourteen year olds (Secondary 2) students studying Genetic Engineering and DNA, not to mention many more irrelevant topics !

9. Housing costs - What are MBT's Housing strategies? The video seems to give credit MBT for Singapore home ownership as though he paid for our houses! I remembered that I have to work doubly hard, partly to pay for the house and partly to pay for his salary which I do not have a choice.

10. Upgrading for Singaporeans - Is it morally correct to threaten that if Public funds will be used to upgrade PAP wards rather than opposition wards, if PAP is in power? What happens if some 'unethical party' (No reference to any specific party) comes to power, will they also continue to hold the National funds hostage to get people's vote? Like tax rebates for people who vote for Party X. This will be legal since the Party is in power, but morally wrong! Sad to say, PAP has set the precendence by being public about it!

11. Accounting for Public funds - YOG overruns? Is this swept under the carpet because we do not have sufficient Non-PAP candidates in parliament? Do Ministers take responsibility? Where did the excess spedning come from? Who and how did it benefit? Are there better ways to spend the money or can cost be controlled with the same benefits achieved?

12. Accounting for Security - Mas Selemat issue - Do Ministers take responsibility? Did he get a pay cut / loss of bonus? How much was spent tracking down the fugitive? Police, Diplomatic channels etc?

13. PA, NTUC and PAP - I thought Peoples Association and NTUC were supposed to be for non-partisan? Isn't NTUC's objecteives meant to be a Cooperative to benefit the people through purchases or other synegies made through economies of scale and bargaining power? Why has it evolved into a politcal mechanism?
Tripartite relationships means Employers, Employees and Giovernment, Not any political party. For an NTUC representative to sya that they can only work with PAP reflects a political biasness that has eroded the intent of a stable labour environment regardless of the party in power. The Older PAP members deserve the recognition and credit for this, but it is disappointing that it has evolved into a partisan orgnization, with bias influence.

14. Peoples Association and 'Community Grassroots' - Is this organization formed to serve the people and not a party? Isn't it to build community spirit rather than promote a political party?
Singaporeans want PAP to account for their actions as we have been paying them!

Hope to get answers!

~ Article by 's , a 47 years old male.

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