Friday, April 8, 2011

What's new for Animal Kaiser Evolution ?

My brother works as a technician that maintains ak and this is what he tells me. Based on what he understands from his boss, the thing is his boss may or may not be accurate so up to you to believe.

AK evolution is actually continuation of AK with 3 differences
1. change in game name.
2. database change . combine different jap versions. add a few cards only available to us
3. barcode change

~ jamieyeo

About Change in game name
I dont see the need to chnge name. AK evolve. is the same as japanese counter part, except with some MINOR graphics change
~ Retarded noob XD

You are correct that there is no reason to have a name change. This could be just a gimmick to generate more interest in the game
~ wilong

About database change
I suspect that our AK evolution is jap ver 7+8.

Unless they add in english-only NEW cards ( like SOL, but for a whole version) i dont see the how it could last any longer.... maybe Ak evolution would go up to ver 2 at the most

~ Retarded noob XD

About barcode change
My only worry is that the old AK cards cannot be used for new AK evolution machine. I have read some post that says there will be new barcode. Just hope that this will not be the case
~ wilong

No word mentioned of new barcode by the presenter at fiesta.
Just some usual rumouring and speculation. can ignore till verified.
also, if AK evo launch in Jap, the old cards should still be usable logically.
The logic is: how would u feel if your scorch now becomes not usable in AK Evo?

Same logic for Jap AK fans. Also, AK cards Jap or Eng or Chi, all share same barcode for most animals. Anyway this is also speculation. Happy waiting!

~ UncleMin

Blog Master:Are the English animal kaiser cards (V1 - V6) useable for AK evolution? Answer is YES...How about those Jap cards from V7 to V14 ..? Nobody knows about this yet

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  1. is that right it gonna happy ending