Thursday, May 5, 2011

A message from Mr Chiam See Tong 's supporter

Dear Voters of Bishan-TP GRC,

Standing before u is a man who has devoted more than 20 yrs of his life in politics.
He has won 7 elections. He has always been taunted at by PAP in Parliament whenever he spoke out strongly against their unreasonable policies.
Look at him now. Despite being hit by stroke, he has stood up strongly and walk out of PP over to Bishan-TP GRC to lead his team to break PAP's GRC stranglehold.
Let's not lose out to our neighbours- Aljunied GRC.
We should VOTE for Mr CHIAM ST and his team into Parliament so that more of our voices can be heard and for PAP to wake up and treat all Opposition Wards with Respect !!!!

Looks like Chiam's unexplained yet legendary magnetic pull might pull Bishan-TP from PAP's orbit.

I had doubts about him taking on two ultra-strong ministers in a GRC that has not been contested for 20 years and the fact that he is frail and not in good health. That did not seem to be case at his rally speech. As others have mentioned in this forum and others - Chiam ability to connect with aunties, uncles, the young ones, the various races as well as those who cut across the educational spectrum is again surfacing.

In 1991, no one expected Chiam to pull 3 seats out of PAP's orbit. It was blamed on a Minister of State that washes her hands but Chiam did not receive much credit.

In 1991, he did it with 2 chaps, one of whom turned out to be a clown. This time around he has Ben Pwee who has solid credentials. It also appears that Ben has picked up grassroots cultivation skills from his dad, courtesy of PAP.

Lets put it this way - anything less than 55% by the PAP is slap in the face for WKS and if it turns out to be a loss, guess who will be on suicide watch.

You re-sat for your o level English to obtain a credit and you did. You then went to Teachers Training College and became a teacher. Posted to Kuantan, you were admired for your diligence and passion. Your students from both sides of the causeway remember you. You saved up and went to NZ to obtain your tertiary education. You did not stop and persevered and became a lawyer and an officer of the Supreme Court. Nearly 30 years ago, a little VW putted away in Cainhill with your Mrs in tow. You distributed flyers and you spoke to residents. You again persevered. After repeated attempts the residents of Potong Pasir saw a man that could deliver and you did.

In parliament, you made the Minister of National Development sweat at every session. You made old man apologise that no other opposition member has ever done. You also sued 2 cabinet minister successfully which again no other person has managed. In 1991, you delivered 3 seats which again has yet to be repeated. In all these years, no harsh word for anyone. In parliament you chastised a PAP member for using racist and bigoted comment against the Indian community. The irony was not lost as none of the PAP Indian members stood up to defend their own community. This led to unrest and the PM of the day, Goh Chok Tong had to explain to parliament that the senior most PAP Indian member and cabinet Minister Jayakumar wanted to rise to object but Chiam beat him to it. Talk about overpaid heavy ----.

The young may not remember you but the parents do. May the force be with you Singaporeans are. You served this country well and the country still needs you.

May the force be with you Mr Chiam as the rest of Singapore seem to be.

"I am not actually a brave man, but I love Singapore and I love Singaporeans", Chiam See Tong

Article by : Valient

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