Thursday, June 23, 2011

$5 for "Dino Duel" Machine ?? Haha....

‎5 dollar for one machine? Lol? cos this was the first impression I gt upon seeing this photo .
~ Shawn Hong Jun Jie ‎

Official Reply :

$5 for 1 Timezone Dino Duel Card and 8 Dino Duel Game . Machine is for viewing purpose only can top up on the Timezone Dino Duel Card directly or when you finish all the 8 Dino Duel games inside. Thanks

Star Buy : Dino Duel $5 Package include one exclusive Timezone Dino Duel card ($0.00) and 8 Dino Duel game play. Available at Timezone Causeway Point, City Sq Mall, North Point, Parkway Parade and Tampines Mall. ( While Stocks Last )

~ Timezone Singapore


haha.....timezone promoting the unpopular....and can timezone pls put in the stacks of cards in the card dispenser in Timezone Tampines Mall? Everytime i go there the machine will not dispense cards...
~ Stanley Ng Wee Tee

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