Thursday, June 23, 2011

About ....Customer service @ TZ Northpoint

Following my post on TZ Northpoint, these are my comments on TZ employees.

Most of them are fine. By fine, I mean they do what is required of them by the company. However, this isn't a compliment because in order to satisfy company requirements which consumers would not naturally be aware of, service can end up being curt towards

A lot of employees are not tactful as well. I recall at least two incidents in which I was going for high score and my rhythm was completely broken by employees informing me of closure of operations.

Also, there is apparently very few among the employees who are aware of the various games' subtleties. See my Northpoint update on point 4 for a clear example.

There is also this "TZ does NOT care" sentiment i get at times. My friends and I, a lot of us active arcade players, have been aware of many machine problems since a long while ago and have repeatedly informed TZ employees about them, mostly to no avail (unless it is cineleisure, but even so, response is usually not prompt enough).

May I ask if there are plans underway to improve all of these? My friends and I do not want our arcade experiences to keep going south, but unfortunately at this moment it seems to be the case.

~ Joel Long

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