Thursday, June 23, 2011

Great experience @ TZ Northpoint

Having been to TZ at northpoint for almost 3 years, almost everyday. I just wanna say a big thank you to all the working personnel there. Names i've noticed like corine, qian wen, crystal, and guoqiang makes the trip there every more worth it. They are the ones who maintain the game machines, new or old and they certainly serve the croud with a big smile (: I dont see any fault in them informing customers about the closing time, because if its their first trip there, they would definitely know. Thanks to all because you guys make my day !
~ ZeEn Enen

Just some simple feedback,today I happen to went to Yishun with afew of my friends and we went to the arcade at Northpoint, I realise that the customer service there is way much better compare to the past. All the workers there are quite hardworking comparing to the past. Keep on going, hope to see a better result or when I visit there next time.
~ Nelson Pua

It happen few days ago when me and my friend when to at arcade at Northpoint shopping centre i realise that the display counter is very neat and nice. There is something I really wish to say, when me and my friends were toping up our cards it happen to be a china girl serving us, although she didn't quite understand what my friend is ...saying, but she made an effort to ask her colleague over to serve us bette,r it's really very thoughtful of her.

I remember when I was at sembawang Sun Plaza arcade that lady there was super rude to me and my friends and the machine there was so dirty comparing to the machine at northpoint timezone. WAY TO GO.

~ Yu Jianzhi

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