Thursday, June 9, 2011

Aston & Animal Kaiser

Recently Aston is under great influence from friends about playing animal kaiser. His interest grew stronger after daddy & ah ma brought him to play in Time Zone & neighbourhood shops. I ever went with them once and I was very surprised so many young children including girls are playing this game in arcades.


I guess it's no turning back for Aston not to visit arcade for the time being because he is very determined to collect the powerful Lion card and also the Japanese cards.

Aston is quite able to control his time & manage his time to play as he will only play two to three times and he will leave the place or play another game.

I have also realised it's not to stop him from playing but it's to let him enjoy childhood. He did not just collect the cards and leave them aside. He treasures them alot. He has learned alot from his current card collection eg the country, the names of the animals and he even learn to draw them.

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