Thursday, June 9, 2011

Story : A battle between Master Lion HGX versus Master Leo

Photobucket versus Photobucket

Suatu hari di tanah kosong Machine Lion HGX dan Master Leo bertarung.

Leo sudah menyerang HGX hingga heathnya = 7500 → 3750.

Terus HGX ngambek....

Dia target serangan ke Leo sefokus mungkin....

Lalu dia keluarin penembaknya dari punggungnya.

Kemudian dia mulai menembak.


Tembakan kena Leo. Damage = 5200.

Master Leo :"Aww....sakit!"

Machine Lion HGX :"Rasain!"

Health Leo ngedrop = 7000 → 1800.

Lalu dia aktifin satelit penembak.

Machine Lion HGX :"Satelit penembak diaktifkan."

Lalu satelit penembak di atas bumi mengarahkan ke Leo.

Terus nembak.....BOOOOOMMM!!!!

Tapi HGX malah lari sampe membakar ke Leo.

Lalu dia meloncat ingin menghancurkan Leo.

Machine Lion HGX :"Rasain nich Leo!!!!!"

HGX sudah loncat di atas tubuh Leo. Ia ingin melempar Leo ke atas. But.....

Akhirnya tembakan satelit itu kena HGX..... Damage = 7800

Machine Lion HGX :"AAAWWW!!!!!!!"


Health HGX abis = 3750 → 0.

Master Leo:"Hahaha. Dasar HGX bego. Ha. (Sambil megang muka HGX dan tubuh HGX terangkat.)"

~ KeJo Chandra

Comments from Author , KeJo Chandra :
"AK, this is one of my comics that use AK characters, I write story of that comic. AK, I'm sorry if some of my comics i created in home, use some of AK characters....Sorry if you mad...if i bring the photos maybe you can't read it, better i write that story in here(use Indonesian language)


Translation to English by Blog Master, Eric :

One day in the jungle clearing, Machine HGX and Master Leo Lion fight.

Leo was attacking HGX until its health= 7500 → 3750.

Even thoug HGX Lion was being weaken ....

He targets to attack Leo whenever possible ....

Then he took out the gunner from his back.

Then he started shooting.


Leo got shot. Total Damage is 5200.

Master Leo: 'Aww .... sick! "

Lion Machine HGX: "Revenge!"

Health of Master Leo drop = 7000 → 1800.

Then HGX Lion activate its satellite shooter.

Lion Machine HGX: "Satellite enabled shooter."

Then the shooter satellite above the earth lead to Leo.

Keep shooting ..... BOOOOOMMM!!...Beam coming down from sky...

But don't know why ? Suddenly, HGX Lion even run towards Leo.

Then he jumped to crush Leo.

Lion Machine HGX: "That's it for you... Leo !!!!!"

HGX already jumped on top of Leo. He wants to throw Leo upward. But .....

Finally, satellite shots that hit HGX .....Damage is 7800

but the beam somehow missed Master Leo

Lion Machine HGX: "AAAWWW !!!!!!!"


Health of HGX finish = 3750 → 0.

Master Leo: "Hahaha. Basic HGX stupid. Ha.
(While holding onto the face and body of HGX ....)"

Master Leo WIN as stupid HGX Lion was killed by his own satelite beam ! haha...

The End

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