Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cephas & Animal Kaiser

I believe most children at this age love this game. I have seen so many people queuing to have a game or two. I do wonder where Cephas caught this fever and how he learnt about this game. I am not exactly a fan and I really do not understand how this whole game is played. Chewy said is very much like gaming.
Many will think I am spoiling him by allowing him to play. I do try to control him. He will only play a game, or at most 2 on a day. I try not to go to 7 Eleven stores since there's a machine there.

Recently, we met a fan of this game. Derrick has three boys, aged 9, 10 and 11 respectively. For them, it's a family affair. Derrick and his wife actually studied how this game is played and he shared a few tips of how to play it. One of his children won a competition recently. Cephas happened to be with us that day and Derrick gave him a stack of cards... about 10 I think. Our boy (Cephas) was so excited and happy that he did not interrupt our discussion at all.


On a free day, Cephas will line his card and admire them... and will tell me about the cards... sad for him, I am still not interested.

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