Monday, June 27, 2011

x1 Ultimate Altas (ver 6) sold to Amir

Received a sms from Amir to order this card. Buyer ask to close deal at Bugis , then later change to Bedok and 3rd time wanted to meet at Kallang mrt..Finally , after all the arrangement and agreed by both parties ,we finally deal @ Sembawang when Amir come over to collect his card.

When i reach Sembawang...something "funny" happen...I don't know why i so blur..haha

I received a sms from amir :

" im in man-u red."

However, i read the sms message as " I'm a man in red t-shirt" ...and i'm thinking of "lady in red" in my heart...haha...

Go to the mrt station @ the arranged many people wearing red to recognize Amir ?? hehe...

I check his sms again...then realised my mistake...he is wearing Man-U t-shirt (red)... saw him standing at the outside railing there waiting...He is a smart Teenager who is studing @ Sec 2 this year...

I meet up with him and closed our card deal. We present him a timezone voucher free ...for his support to buy our last altas card. Finally ,all our Gold and Ultimate had sold out for Version 6


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