Monday, June 27, 2011

Latest trend @ Masar Malam (Night Flea Market) - Animal Kaiser is OUT

After closing a card deal with our customer - Cliff , i crossed over to the other side of the road to visit the flea market nearby. They have tendered for sale 16 days and today is the very 1st day ... I went to a toy stall and ask for Animal Kaiser item stuffs but end up found nothing. I talked to stall owner , Vincent and this is what he got to say :

"We only brought in toys with latest trend such as Angry brids which is very HOT now fact i spent $4000 to bring in various types of Angry birds stuffs from supplier...they are selling fast...Plant vesus Zombie have its group of supporter while Beyblade is cooling down ...Animal Kaiser is totally out of trend , nobody play anymore" ~ Vincent (stall owner)

I end up buying some Plant vs Zombie stuffs :

and of can i missed those Angry birds ...haha

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