Monday, June 27, 2011

ZoneX 's Team battle 2011 winners ...@ 23/6/2011

We thank all the hard core AK fan for taking part in our special team Battle Tournament ....

Winner Team - AK Almighty (Brendan Oh 's family)

1st runner up Team - Old Man (Mr Kuang & friends)

the teams are as follow:-

1)AK Almighty
2)Little AK Wings
3)Divine Terminator
4)Team Undefeatable
5)Baby Sandswitch
6)Mighty Molly Wings
7)Old Men
8)Ultimate Boss


1st Prize full set of angry birds 6 of them worth $$35
AK bag worth $38.90
angry bird 3 X hanging soft toy :-$8.40
bleyblade 2 in 1 launcher pack worth $12.90
Champ Tiger + gold deck

Runner up 3 angry birds $18
angry bird 3 X hanging soft toy :-$8.40
AK pencil Case worth $7.90
1 bleyblade worth $5.90
Silver Deck

3-4th Place :-
angry bird 3 X hanging soft toy :-$8.40

5-8th place
3 x angry bird keychain worth $4.80

all kids only animalkaiser98 (brenda out) from pri 6 below.....
get free goodies
win or dun win u get it.....

3D-pop out cards....
silly bands ....
jap string bleyblade for free................



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