Monday, November 28, 2011

Father bought RARE card for son but son still not happy !

This is sort of Outrages!!I was Playing Animal Kaiser today,when I told my Father my "Wishlist" was "Master Leo"(Yeah,I know you Guys are aware of that) So he ask me what's the Price of it on "Toy Outpost" ,I said,"That would be $130(OMG!!!That was even more Expensive when I bought "Galleon")." So he actually and crazily when all the way there and Bought it for me and showed it to me,and my Reaction was,"...WHY THE FISH DID YOU BOUGHT IT FOR ME?!" I didn't even told him to buy it!!!And his excuse for Buying it for me was,

1)It's impossible to get it from the Machine
2)Its a Present for me as for Passing my PSLE(Yeah with only 158 Fool!)

But still,wanna give him a big,"Thank You!" for Buying such ad expensive stuff for me...altough well,still gotta get Scolded by me for his idiot Decision...

I didn't even tell my Father to Buy it sia...he crazy,must be his Fever that cause him to do so :(

~ Galleon Chua Ming Han

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