Thursday, December 15, 2011

How did the 7-11 / arcade game staff "Steal" GOLD/Ultimate rare ?

Well yeah you’ll never know, there are many ways to get around it. The staff can put $2 in the machine and take out a UR card while refilling, and all of a suddent its not stealling anymore.

Stuff can all be sold at a huge profit. For whats its worth an UR card is worth under $2. Its only worth $50 over due to the demand for it. Like if i bought a vintage starwars figure in the 1980 for $10, it also can be worth $50 now due to the demand. No legal issues there.

~ Retarded Noob XD / Gavin Lim

Blog Master: We do not encourage the act of stealing ! The abovemention statements are just the view of our AK fan ...Blog master do not hold any responsibility /accoutable to such personel opinion

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