Thursday, December 15, 2011

Predict the machine CPU move !!

hey Ak fans I am not trying to scold animal kaiser but I finally realised something,the game is all in the system so the number slot and attack slot is all controlled by the machine so it isn't when u press the button or how accurate u try to aim 4 doubling because I found a pattern in the numbers,some of the patterns is:

During a battle with the boss battle,u always attack 1st(condition if your he...alth is low)and when the boss hits the special move,the boss is most likely to get 2 attack.well tats why I can predict the next move based on the previous in conclusion it is the system controlling the game,the system controls what will be the number or P,T or G.since the wheel spinning is too fast 4 our eyes to catch,it is up to the system to make the number or G,T or P.

I apologise for my content in this message but I am afraid this is a fact,very sorry animal kaiser if my content in this message is not appropriate.
(figured this out when I found a pattern in the game)
Again I am sorry AK 4 posting this message if it will make u lose money out of it but I can say it is a wonderful game.

~ John Wong


Well,like your status in here... Me too have got some problem against death scorch(because in my country still evo.1 and maybe at the end of month will be evo.2),my Galleon health is always red or yellow,after that I select to battle vs death scorch and then,I got the G attack and win with Evil Aura Explosion and make my health to green. I always win until death scorch health is red and he make P attack. I always lose on P attack. It kills me by 10 number difference or over and I just win only once against his P attack.

To defeat him, my survivor effect must activated and when in critical situation,we always win like the health till 100 or bottom of that. That the triple focus with aura explosion will come out in critical to make us win. That's my story in our country

~ Alvin Landry

same thing happens to me 2, i used atlas to battle death scorch with full health and when i managed to make it have red health after that he makes a P attack with doubling always. I always lose with that attack.
~ Craig Hong

Response from topic author

It is a fact, when the moment you choose your Animal cards with Strong and Miracle cards, against the 3 Animals the machine choose, you fate is seal when outcome difference is 20%. So when you lose don't be sad. It is because with the combination you only have 20% chance of winning. At least you have a new AK cards. And when you win it is means that you are just lucky with the combination, you have.
~ John Goh

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