Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Description of Ultra Rare/GOLD special cards

Special Ops Leo :
The young king of animals is training to master moves passed down by his forefathers.

Siegfried :
The blue tiger roams free and takes in young heros to prepare them for the battles to come.

Scorch :
A black lion with powers as dark as his coat. He seeks conflict wherever he goes.

Atlas :
Summoned from the forbidden portal, this mammoth should have been extinct for eons ...

Galleon : The last of the babary lions. Does'nt cling his live to fighting but lives his live in freedom.

Death Scorch : Scorch, returned from the netherworld for revenge. He has evolved into a ferocious weapon.

Master Leo : The young king finally awakens! With his ultimate strength, he has became the true king of animals.

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Shared by : Wong Wei Wen

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