Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The story of Master Daedalus

By : Wong Wei Wen

There was once a young eagle training at the imperial court. He is under the guidance of the Kaiser of the Skies. One day, he requested to learn one of the special moves that the kaiser have.However, the Kaiser rejected and said proudly, "I am the Kaiser of the Skies! How can i share my powers to my student?? Never ! " Daedalus was disappointed . However, he had not... lost hope of learning ' Kaiser Flash'.

Its was evening when the sea king posessed the Kaiser of the Skies. He started wiping out each and every member at the imperial court. No one was able to defeat the Kaiser. Daedalus heard the news and rushed to the Kaiser. However, it was too late. The Kaiser was completely possessed by the sea king. In order to stop him, he had to kill . With his sharp talons, Daedalus grabbed the kaiser on his back and flew to a rock. Unfortunately, the Kaiser manage to escape his talons and counterattacked. The kaiser used " Kaiser Flash " and wipped out Daedalus. He was unconscious. A few hours after the wipeout, the sea king returned to his original form. He was actually a holy whale! Daedalus woked up and found that he was in prison. He heard a few words, " I am now the Kaiser here! with my army, i shall rull the world!! " Daedalus was stunned. He could not allow the holy whale to take over the Kaiser of the Skies. With his talons, he attacked the cage. However, it gave out electricity when interacted! Daedalus had no choice but to use the forbidden arts to crash through the cage.

The sea king was stunned when he found out that Daedalus was out. He chalenged him and ssaid, " Since you love your master that much, lets duel!" The match began between the duo. In the middle of the match, the Holy whale used a technique that drained half of Daedalus' power. Daedalus lead out a sound, " Forbidden Technique! Shingajutsu no tatami! " Suddenly, a bright light formed around Daedalus! He had transformed from a young eagle to a awakened Master animal!! Okinawa kenji! Master Attack! Daedalus performed the Master Attack on the Holy whale.The holy whale was half defeated.

Then, the holy whale had an evil aura surrounding it.It then transformed into a black whale with unrivalled strength. Then , the Kaiser woke up and helped Daedalus with the battle. Together, Kaiser and Master, the undefeated duo laughed an all-out attack on the Dark Whale. Okinawa Kenji sho tatsuki! Together, they defeated the dark whale.

After, the kaiser decided to present a new power to Daedalus. ' Kaiser Flash' was given to him.

These few years, Daedalus continued to serve the Kaiser, awaiting the day to be the next kaiser of the Skies. See More

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