Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The origin of how Kaiser Coral became AK

By : Wong Wei Wen

Once , there was a coral snake studying under the Royal AK's guidance. He appreciated the AK's attacks. An example of the powers of the Royal Ak is 'Ganso Kaiser Flash' . The coral snake requested to learn the move . the Ak accepted but said that he must sacrifice his life for it.

Then , one day a purple lion invaded the royal imperial. " Who are you? " the coral snake said. The purple lion said , " Scorch, i am here to take over the position of AK! HAHA! '' Then, he wiped out almost all the animals guarding the palace with his unrivalled power. The coral snake had no choice but to unleash all his powers to defend the Royal Ak.

The first move Scorch unleashed on the coral snake was useless. The coral snake then used the move ' Ganso Kaiser Flash ' and turned gold all over his body. He then remembered '' Once you used the move, you will die after the effect fades ".
He bit Scorch's back and that poisoned him. Scorch fell down on the floor, unconscious.

An hour later, the golden aura surrounding the coral snake started to fade. He asked the Royal Ak how he could live. Knowing that he saved his live, he saved him. As years passed by, the Royal AK got older and older. He let out his position to the coral snake and he was crowned AK. He got a new name , " Kaiser Coral ".
As Kaiser Coral visited he royal imperial prison, he saw Scorch. Scorch said that he was generous and wanted to learn a few moves from Kaiser Coral . Due to pitiness, Kaiser Coral lmprisoned him and made him " Student ".

As Scorch went around the court, he saw a big and strong bull. He was the Imperial Royal Guard Chief . He was then training and used a move ' dark burst ' to lower the strength of the opponent. That inspired Scorch to learn the move. He learnt the move and made changes to it by adding its power, " Grand Dark Burst ".

A few months later, a humble white lion appeared in front of the palace, requesting the position ' Student ' of Kaiser Coral. Kaiser Coral accepted and taught him a move ' Kaiser Flash'.

Twenty years later, Kaiser Coral was too old and decided to let out his position to one of his students, Scorch or Galleon. He organised a match to decide who is stronger and made the date for it tomorrow.

The next day , the match begun early. Scorch scored a higher score in front of all the judges . That made Scorch more greedier to the position AK. Later, he used Grand Dark Burst on Galleon and that weakened him. Galleon did not lose, he used Kaiser Flash and that nourished his power immediately.He used his best attack and charged at Scorch. He scrached his eye, making him blind in a eye. Galleon had won! The next day was the day to a new leader .

Scorch was angry , he used Grand Dark Burst and weakened every animal at the palace, including his master. He then wiped out each and every single animal for revenge.Galleon stood out and sent him down , all the way down to Earth.

The next day, news that Galleon was missing filled the air. Even Kaiser Coral was surprised. No one knew where he had gone. Did he want to travel to Earth? Or had he abandoned the position of AK? No one knows the answer till now....

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