Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Virtualand AK tourney at NEX on 26 Feb 2012 (Sunday)

Virtualand at NEX will be organising a tournament on 26 Feb 2012 (Sunday) at 12pm.
Registration fee is $5.
Please make payment to Virtualand at NEX (look for Sky) to secure a place in the tournament.
Original Japanese and English AK cards are allowed in the tournament.

First Prize : Gold deck card Box and one of the new Champ kit (Bald Eagle, Lowland Gorilla or Great White Shark)
2nd Prize : Silver deck card box
3rd Prize : free Hero of Robot card
4th Prize : free Hero of Robot card
5th prize : free Vanguard card
6th prize : free Vanguard card
7th prize & 8th Prize will decide later

Reported by : hnkang007

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