Wednesday, February 20, 2013

AK Comic (Ver 4) ~ The Mecha Animal !

 photo 70_zps7d38b9b6.jpg

Page 1
 photo a1a_zps36cb2a3d.jpg
 photo a1b_zps0926cf58.jpg

Page 2
 photo a2a_zpsf8179cbc.jpg
 photo a2b_zps3665f8ee.jpg

Page 3
 photo a3a_zps0a35c501.jpg
 photo a3b_zps6a7f4c90.jpg

Page 4
 photo a4a_zpsa95ae7f2.jpg
 photo a4b_zps766e887f.jpg

Page 5
 photo a5a_zpsc1ec5c20.jpg
 photo a5b_zps91e35e08.jpg

Page 6
 photo a6a_zpsdba3d81d.jpg
 photo a6b_zpsdf1181d8.jpg

To be continue....version 5

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