Wednesday, February 20, 2013

AK @ Hawaii , USA....its US$2 /game and now is Evo 4

Well Im in Hawaii (United States), its only at Fun Factory stores and Jungle Fun (not sure if you have those there)... 4 machines and total of 4 total of 16 son just started playing two weeks ago, he is 6 years old and he asked me if I could get him a Zangetsu. He has several common cards and only 3 bronze cards. no silvers, no golds, etc.i went to official animal kaiser website and it said they are on evo 5... and United States wasnt even listed as a location to play AK. Wonder is these machines here were just bought by the owners or something.
Its US$2 per play here....Evo 4...english"

~ Jennifer Park @ Nov 2012

My son (far right) won third in tournament today:) usually they just have only first place and second place. 1st place: tournament champion card and gold card box AND 2nd place: silver box. But someone donated full sets of cards minus bronze, silver, gold, or ultimate rares. Yes in US we are on Evo 4 but in the tournament he won set of Evo 2 cards. :)
~ Jennifer Park

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