Thursday, March 24, 2011

Popular card doesn't mean sure 100% win

..this is what i meant the machine programme ‘recognise’ certain combo ......

If you keep using in the ‘same’ machine with GWS + OP + BH (Slot Jammer) ..... the machine will recognise this combo .... and the chances of winning reduces .....

everyone use Scorch now a day ...... and suddenly came in GWS - GWS chances of winning higher ....

we have witnessed Flower Mantis won tournament before .... later i found out this combo cannot ‘last’ .... the chances of winning is not that high as you see .... in tournament you need to win at least 4-times in a row ..... in fiesta 8-times in a row to be in the grand finals - what i meant mantis combo can only win 1 if not 2 matches .... the rest of games someone use Gold can take it out easily ..... eventually.

so you need to observe your opponent’s combo ..... if everyone use GWS on a same machine - it’s chances of winning will be reduced in subsequent play ....... this is why i like fiesta - different machines.

~ spaceshuttle

thanks for sharing. so in principal, at a tournament of 16, we should start with popular cards first, then taper to the more uncommonly used ones?

say maybe start with scorch (since the entire universe uses scorch...),
then at later rounds change to lion, eagle, scorpion
and finally use hippo, starburst, schneider etc? I actually thinks it sounds logical. must try.

~ UncleMin

Actually should use those uncommon ones first to win the first few rounds then use strong ones in the final round.
~ hnkang007

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