Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spiny Flower Mantis Vs Scorch !! Can the bronze win Ultimate ??

"Witnessed the Spiny Flower Mantis won Scorch & Great White Shark won Scorch today at the Fiesta"
~ hnkang007

"EPIC!! We just witnessed how a Spiny Flower Mantis defeated TWO Scorch in a row!Amazing stuff! Only at Animal Kaiser Fiesta 2011..
~ Animal Kaiser Singapore


Bravo to Spiny Flower Mantis. What a mega upset.
Maybe Spiny now will sell for $50 a piece. Super bronze card.

~ UncleMin

Is it scorch keep rolling 10?
~ Owen Crikenxsfxpro

The guy who used scorch must be super unlucky today
~ Brian Soh Xdd

Just goes to show besides matching the cards correctly LUCK is more important lol
~ Benjamin Poon

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