Sunday, May 1, 2011

1st time playing.....get Bronze on 1st attempt

12 years old Derrick follow his parents to the shopping center. He went to Timezone acrade while his parents went to Giant supermart to buy things..

He had started playing AK since middle of version 2 and he quit this game during version 3 . I did not ask him the reason. Since then , version 4 ...5 ...he did not play any Animal Kaiser ...until today ....while waiting for his parents ...he grab a Version 6 cardlist alot of interest looking at the new animals...and he played his very 1st game since he had quit some time ago.

I am getting my number#6 Altas...while he sit beside me @ express lane AK machine...he did not bring any of his old version cards...Derrick just focus and played until round 3 ...where he was finally beaten by the CPU boss ...he pressed the button...a card drop out from machine ! its a bronze Card - Oorlog !

Derrick like it very much ...this is indeed a beginner's luck. Before we went home , derrick played a 2nd game on the same machine and he got another new animal card for himself - Titan

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