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GE2011 - 3rd day of Rally ~ Worker Party @ East Coast GRC (30/4/2011)

~ Workers' Party East Coast GRC

Workers' Party secretary-general Low Thia Khiang says the PAP has given the opposition an uneven playing field by making it "impossible" for the opposition to have a grassroots foothold in PAP constituencies.

During the party's rally in Bedok stadium on Saturday, the leader of the team that will contest the Aljunied GRC explained that WP's applications to the town council for permits to hold dialogue sessions under the void deck in other constituencies were rejected.

In addition, he said the PAP Community Foundation (PCF) schools, already running on cheap rent from the HDB, sublet their space to the PAP, which is why it is common to find PAP branches next to the PCF pre-schools.

In comparison, to set up a WP branch in a PAP constituency, the party has to tender from the open market, with rentals at much higher prices.

"Even as an elected Member of Parliament, I have to sit at the void deck to conduct the Meet-the-People sessions, while the PAP conducts them in air-con rooms," he said.

Low added, "It is like when we play football with them, they use a goal post smaller the ball. This is how our first-world government treats us."

Video (Low Thia Khiang) :

In response to an earlier comment from Sengkang West SMC's Dr Lam Pin Min that the opposition disappears for five years and only comes out during the election period, Low said, "With Sengkang West and Punggol East only carved out recently, how are we going to appear in a previously non-existent ward?"

Besides touching on the unfair treatment of the opposition, Low's Aljunied GRC team-mate Sylvia Lim also told the audience that what a Minister makes in 5 hours is equivalent to what an average Singaporean makes in a month.

The WP party chairman said, "They ask the stallholders to keep their food prices down, so can the PAP ministers keep their pay down as well?"

With the recent Grow and Share packages being given out in recent days by the government, East Coast GRC's WP candidate L. Somasundaram cautioned voters about the dividends, saying, "They give you the fruit but they take back the fruit tree."

Video(Sylvia Lim):

His teammate Glenda Han got the crowds' cheers after she was introduced as the "uncle-killer." The 35-year-old was part of the "suicide squad" that went up against Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's team at Ang Mo Kio GRC in the 2006 election.

She talked about how despite the increase in public transport and housing costs have the affected basic standards of living.

"We are not talking about an increase in the price of a Rolex watch, or a Kate Spade bag," she said.

~ Glenda Han's nieces

Video(Glenda Han) :

Joo Chiat's first-time candidate Yee Jen Jong explained how the PAP was like an old horse, who has won many races, but is gradually deteriorating.

He asked, "Would you bet on an old horse that is slowing down or a young horse that is charging strongly ahead?"

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