Saturday, June 18, 2011

A bad experience @ Timezone

Good Morning Timezone,
I am a regular Patron from Timezone Northpoint as I would believe Customer Service would always be the upmost mission of the organisation and customer service provided have always been outstanding in most of the outlets i went to.
I would like to point out this incident that happened yesterday between 2150 - 2215h...r. I understand that the operation hours ends at 2200hr and any credits left will not be refunded. I left a credit in the jubeat machine as there was other patron playing before reaching my turn. Upon reaching my turn to play, one of the staff, Yong Lin approached n inform me of the closing of the outlet, upon seeing of my last credit of my play, he done a good service by informing his supervisor to allow me to finish the game.

When playing in the mid of my 3rd stage, the power was off and my emusement pass was still in the machine itself. I request from one of the staff, Yonglin whether they could switch on the machine in order for me to retrieve my emusement card as the card was a limited art pieces only available in Japan itself, the reply i get from ano...ther staff were they could not switch on the machines as it was beyond the operating hours and "me" as a regular patron should have known the regulations, itherefore they ask me to be back tomorrow to retrieve the card. Therefore my emusement pass was left in the machine itself overnight.

I understand that there are rules and regulations to follow. But since Yonglin have seek his supervisor attention to allow me to play finish my credit on the machine, the other staff shouldn't power off the machine just because the operating hour ended. Even that is the case, they should allow customer to retrieve their emusement pass... instead of telling mi to come back tomorrow as it might be taken away by other patron if i come late. If the emusement pass gone missing, M i going to hold the management responsible as I have already spent a lump sum of money at Timezone and I couldn't retrieve my pass as the machine is switch off and the staffs were reluctant to switch on just for me to take back my card?

I feel that the staff, Yonglin did a good job as he help to inform his supervisor so as to let his customer complete their games before they switch off the main power. He should be commented for his good customer service provided.

Thanks & Regards

~ Jayson Lim Boon Leong

Blog Master:This is our advise..Do not play any game in the closing time..

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