Saturday, June 18, 2011

Prototype of AK Evolution cards from the factory !



Hey! Atlas is back with galleon! And Arce (tiger) is a gold.... No new ver 8 cards like predicted :(

But something is different with the strong and miracle cards!

Look at the strong and miracle cards! now they all have a small “focus” artwork on the bottom left hand corner to pull off Double/triple focus when used with an animal card! if u use a strong/miracle focus card u get double focus! use BOTH a focus strong and focus miracle and get triple focus!

Wow that is so..... kinda stupid. -.- it spoils the look of the cards and kids are not going to spaz out just for another focus guard. And they better not change the barcode ....

I hope my great comet (ver 7) still playable with Arce focus effect XD lol.

~ Retarded noob XD

Blog Master : See below for the AK Evolution new cards...There will be 2 ultimate card (Atlas + Galleon) , The 4 "BIG" forgotten warriors and the 4 "small" forgotten warriors (bronze) , Bronze Appolo Liger ,2 new silver strong (522 , 225) and finally a new Miracle silver - Great comet "Laser beam attack" card ! There is more new cards to be reveal soon...

Will this card be included in AK evolution version ?


  1. why I didn't see the Kaiser Flash ability of Galeon? Was it removed?

  2. this is exactly what is going to happen with GAK japan version cards, they all might not be able to be used in GAK english version

    so to the people who buys GAK japanese version cards beware!!!