Saturday, June 18, 2011

Which is the best strong card for Siegfried ?

i want to ask you something. I have a little problem when i playing Animal Kaiser. When i inserted Siegfried, Lone Warrior and Saturn Saw (Siegfried Combo) cards, a child came and ask to me.

Child :"What are you insert?"

Me : "I'm Insert Siegfried Combo."

Child : "Did you men you insert Lone warrio...r too?"

Me : "Yes."

Child : "Why you didn't use Virtuous Skies Strong Card? It will be very great Combo, Right?"

My problem is : Which better, Burning Aura (Lone Warrior) or Shining Aura (Virtuous Skies) ? Please help me.

~ Benandy Syawal


Hi Benandy ! Well , in my opinion ! i prefer to use lone warrior as siegfried already has good damage with it and it includes burning aura !I do not like to use virtuos skies because shining aura is not really good for me ! (In My Opinion)
~ Animal Kaiser (Malaysia) Fan Page

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