Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Faulty Timezone card or system problem ??

I'm very upset & dissapointed on my 1st visit to Compasspoint TZ on 26/6/11 !! Wanted to go there for a game, scanned my TZ card but it reflected 'Card Error'. Headed to the counter to check with the staff & they said that it was a system error, they are unable to read my TZ card because i topped my credits from other outlets & my car...d has more than 100credits?!

Isn't it ridiculous to ask me to purchase another brand new card just because i came to compasspoint!!! It is utterly ridiculous!! I have even tried topping up my card at Great World city but it can be used at both city square mall & northpoint and best of all, i do not encounter such problems! Your 'helpful' staffs did not even try to help me resolve the issue & my son ended up leaving TZ dissapointed! I hope to hear a explanation from TZ.."

~ Liu Rainie

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