Friday, November 18, 2011

Animal Kaiser Evolution - Birthday Party Package

Wondering how to create a fun, joyful, colourful and memorable birthday party for that special someone ?

Introducing Animal Kaiser Evolution Birthday Party Package ! When you book with us, the Animal Kaiser Machine with the latest version will be deliver to the location of your choice !

There are 3 modes of game play to be selected :

1) Free game play (no card dispsense)

2) Free game play (with unlimited card dispense)

3) Tournament mode Free play (come with Exclusive tournament kits, Gold Champion Cards, Gold & Silver boxset and limited edition promotion cards)

Each booking come with a fun pack :

1) Customize Animal Kaiser Evolution birthday party invitation cards for you to invite the honour guests.

2) Exclusive Animal Kaiser Evolution Birthday Card (hidden surprise) for the birthday boy or girl.

* Optional Ultra rare Animal Kaiser Evolution merchandises for all invitee.

Imagine excitement of that special someone when he or she know about this, it's gonna be a AWESOME birthday party this year ! So book with us now

- email :

*To avoid disappointment of machine unavailability, please make your booking early preferably 1 month in advance.

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