Friday, November 18, 2011

Today $10 , Next day $8 ~ next moment $1 ..what the seller had to say ?

wow so fast drop to $1. then i rugi when you sold to me at $8 last friday
~ genmasj (buyer)

This is the reply from the Seller :

i am sorry about price fluctuations.

i always match my price to be lower than any seller here. so that buyers can benefit.

The irony is there are ppl out here (wont name names) that try to control card price and sequence price by putting high high. They think they can fleece buyers of their money by creating a monopoly.

I want to break this unscrupulous sellers who sell high. by selling lower than them.
whether is it sequence or cards.

their only stupid argument is “You do not have sequence/card on hand lah. bluff ppl u sell seq/ card”

those who bought sequence or cards from me will know its the real deal.

Good luck to those who try to monopolise the market by seliing high high prices to fleece ppl. I have sold here since version 5,6,evo1,evo2....

~ jamieyeo (Seller)

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