Friday, November 18, 2011

The Hippo Brothers!(Update 02-Nov-11 E)

*FR:First Released

Hippo Garry(FR*:Ver 14)
(Strength:7000 Health:7000)(Gold Rare)
(Curse Poison Vampire)(UNRELEASED)

Hippo Larry(FR*:Ver 2)
(Strength:5500 Health:7000)(Silver Rare)

(Strength:4500 Health:4000)(PROMO)

Master Hippo Harry(FR*:Evo 2)
(Strength:4000 Health:3000)(Normal)(UNRELEASED)

Hippo Harry(FR*:Ver 2)
(Strength:3500 Health:5000)(Normal)

Hippo Harry(FR*:FIGURINE)
(Strength:3500 Health:5000)(UNRELEASED)

Hippo Barry(FR*:Ver 2)
(Strength:4500 Health:4000)(Normal)

Hippo Barry(FR*:FIGURINE)
(Strength:4500 Health:4000)(UNRELEASED)

Tough Hippo Harry(FR*:PROMO)
(Strength:4000 Health:6000)(UNRELEASED)(Bronze Rare)(Curse)

(*On the same card as Bad Hippo Barry)

Bad Hippo Barry(FR*:PROMO)(Strength:5500 Health:4500)(UNRELEASED)
(Vampire)(Bronze Rare)(*On the same card as Tough Hippo Harry)

Vampire Hippo Barry(FR*:PROMO)
(Strength:4500 Health:4000)(Vampire)(PROMO)

Vampire Hippo Harry(FR*:PROMO)
(srength:3500 Health:5000)(Vampire)(UNRELEASED)(PROMO)

Compiled by : Bryan Soh

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