Friday, November 18, 2011

Do you know that in Animal Kaiser, some animals has nicknames?

Here're the nicknames:

Dunkleosteus - Dunky Fish/Dunky
Archaeopteryx - Archie/Oldie Bird
Saber-toothed Tiger - 2 Fangs
Mammoth - Trunkie/Tusky/Furrie
Yokozuna - Yoko/Sumo Bear
Schwarz - Jacob Launter/Werewolf
Oorlog - Loggie (As one of the attack use treelog to tackle his opponents...)
Vampire Bat - Edward Cullen/The Dark Knight
Joe and Kid the Tiger - Yin Yang
Scorch - Scorchie/The Torch
Atlas - The Thing
Master Hippo Harry - Hairy Potter
Master Icarus - Reddie
Master Blue - Sharkie
Master Jumbo - Homosapien
Master Leo - The Lion King
Kaiser Coral - Old Snake
Mikiri Siegfried - Thor

Currently...i can only think of these...hahah...

~ Katou Michiyo

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