Monday, December 5, 2011

AK Evolution (2) FAKE Ultra rare cards had flood into our market...

how do us distinguish between the original card with a fake card? can teach me?
~ Pinky Chang


The different between Original and fake card is :
1. Original card have Hologram on its surface, but the fake doesn't
2. Original Card if you touch, it feels hard and little thick, but the fake one, it's surface we're smooth and soft.
3.Original cards have no problem when you scan at the machine.Fake ones will be hard to be scanned. Sometimes, the scanner cannot read the barcode.
That's all i know.

~ Richard Bednarski

Some fake cards don't have Namco at the back of their cards , because they will be scared for copyright and being sued by Namco Jp . Original card also usually looks brighter than any fake card as the type of quality on the card is different . :)
~ Maple Max


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