Monday, December 5, 2011

Animal Kaiser Battle Tournament in Genting Highlands

On Friday, Jared asked Hubby to take him to Jusco for Animal Kaiser game. Since they had been generally good boys over the school holiday and finished their Kumon homework, we took them to Jusco after our dinner.

After the first game, the arcade machine dispensed the Animal Kaiser's ultra rare card ... The Lion of Light "Galleon". Jared gave the card to Jaden


On Sunday, we reached Genting at 12pm+ and went straight to register for the Animal Kaiser Ultimate Animal Battle. We registered for Moch, Jared and Jaden. There were 32 participants participated in the tournament and they were paired for the challenge.

Everybody used the same cards provided by the organiser. Those participants who won the first round went into the 2nd round and Jared and Jaden got thru the first round

Through draw lot, Jaden was the 2nd player and Jared the 8th player.


I did not bring my video cam and camera as I did not expect them to go so far. I thought they will be knocked out at very preliminary stage. All the photos here were taken from our hand phone and Ipad.


In the 2nd round, the 16 participants used the same Animal (red) card provided by the organiser and used their own Miracle (blue) and Strong (green) cards. Jaden won in the 2nd round battle and move on to the 3rd round. Jared did not make it. He was a little disappointed but he went on to cheer for his brother.

In the 3rd round, the 8 participants used the same Strong (green) card provided by the organiser and used own Miracle (blue) and Animal (red) cards. Jaden won again in the 3rd round battle and move on to the 4th round, the semi-final.

Jaden was so cool throughout the tournament. He was tired too as it was his afternoon nap time.
In the 4th round, the 4 participants used the same Miracle (blue) card provided by the organiser and used own Strong (green) and Animal (red) cards and ... Jaden won again! The lucky star was by his side and he moved on to the final round.

In the 5th and final round, Jaden met with the boy who battled against Jared and beat him at the 2nd round. Now, Jaden had to battle with him in the final round. In this final round, the 2 participants can use their own cards and Jaden had been holding and using the same 3 cards throughout the tournament.

Both of them used the Animal Kaiser's ultra rare card ... The Lion of Light "Galleon". Luck was on Jaden's side and he won the battle! The announcer kept on announcing "The youngest boy, only 4 years old won the battle. Amazing!"

The Japanese guy is from Bandai Namco.

The prize for Champion + souvenirs from Resort World

The children had great time and we are happy that both Jared and Jaden had the opportunity to participate in the Animal Kaiser battle tournament in Genting Highland. Winning the battle is a bonus!

Original article : posted on 4th Dec 2011

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