Monday, December 5, 2011

Animal Kaiser PC game (New)

Game created by : Sahasi Jatmiko Kaguyago (from indonesia)

The gameplay style is not like the real animal kaiser,but the card are from animal kaiser and the story too with more upgrade story

for people who want to download Animal Kaiser Custom PC game
the demo is available for download here's the link from part 1 to part 6

AK Custom PC Game (part 1)
Click here to dowwnload part 1

AK Custom PC Game (part 2)
Click here to download part 2

AK Custom PC Game (part 3)
Click here to download part 3

AK Custom PC Game (part 4)
Click here to download part 4

AK Custom PC Game (part 5)
Click here to download part 5

AK Custom PC Game (part 6)
Click here to download final part 6

If you are unable to download any of the files as mentioned above...try this link:

Question : how do you extract the part 1 ?
Answer : Well, if you want to know how here's how to do it
1.right click the part 1
2.and then click "extract here"
3.just wait until it's finish do it as the same as the blue cube

After download all parts put it on the same folder,after that extract part 1 and extract the blue cube and finally enjoy your play

There should be this blue cube if you already extract the part 1 file with all parts in one folder

If clicking the blue cube does not work...try to open up the AK custom folder

Select and click on Game.exe

Here's the game title page ...created by RPG Maker software...Enjoy !!
~ Tune up your speaker for the music too

How to change your character name ?
Select each alphabet that you want , click ENTER each time until you have your full name ...then go choose OK

Use arrow UP-DOWN-LEFT-RIGHT to move the character and use ENTER key for each action(such as talking to npc or opening a door etc) or scroll to next converstion

For people who playing AKC(animal kaiser custom) and don't know where the school is i show the map of Tranquill Village and the card battler in there


1.Hero's home:sherline(apollo's user)

2.Village Chief House:kista(schneider user)

3.rex house:Rex

4.Kein's House:your main boy rival lives here

5.sandsea bar:you can buy save coin here(save coin are for save your game)

6.Cherry's Mansion:Main girl rival live here

8.lake:sahasi(me) but you can battle him later in the game

9.AK store: you can buy cards in this place :D

10.battle arena: like gyms in pokemon game you need to beat the leader to procced to next town

11.cave: i only make it but there's no use it for now

Note : you can't go to the next village the demo ends after you fight againts the owner of scorch.(Amanda)


1ST OF ALL...Go to School

Go search for your classroom @ 2nd floor...inside the school

An underground boat ride adventure :
Go to chief house #2 ...

Go "talk" to the barrel

Here's the boat in the maze

go thru' the maze to reach here...finally

A new place...where will you you end up to ..?

You will come out from #3 Rex house...but the door will be closed once you exit from it

Free card
Get a free smalltooth sawfish card !

Card battle ~ use INSERT to set up your deck of 3 cards

Use space -bar and enter key during battle..

You will get reward such as money if you win the battle

Last Boss (Amanda) of this village before you can go to next village (not available in this demon yet)...but to battle her, you need to find her favourite drink at #5,Sandsea bar

To save game need these save coin which can be bought at #5,Sandsea bar


  1. you can battle with amanda after you give amanda the pocka orange.she will be at battle arena.
    and hey! you already found the boat secret! good job!

  2. amanda is not the user of scorch
    the user of scorch still named???? he is a red haired guy

  3. mantabs!
    game nya di sedot ya gan jatmiko.
    buat ponakan saya.
    thank you...