Monday, December 5, 2011

Axel's (Haru) AK Card Strategies

(this guide is made under boredom, so it's up to you if you wanna follow it. You've been warned)

Miracle Effect: Guards

The P/G/T Guard is one of the most handy ability on the game. This is one of the recommended strategies when fighting against bosses. Plus, they have 50% chance of being invoked, which (maybe) will allow your animal to survive if they got assau...lted with Gold Changes.

Recommended Strategies:
When you doesn't have any cards that has the Survivor effect, the Guards will be your second option. Whenever you want to fight bosses, always check what's their best attack and use the Miracle that has the same Guard property with their attack.
Also, it's always good to equip your animal with Burning Aura. Why? When the attack was blocked, your animal will have time to regain some health. Best used when facing tough opponents.

~ Haru Asakura

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