Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jusco staff stealing rare cards ??

when i playing ak at jusco smart wonder, i discover the staff was draw out the rare card put him card album.The staff was steal the rare card so we spend a lot of money for what?ak office pls take action on problem.UNFAIR to us ~ Zack Sio


  1. I also found that cards you get in SWW = i played rm10 for arnd 5 times in sww and i NEVER get an boss card but a vampire bat,lowland gorila only...and 'an' approaching sun(ALL doubling).Somemore, i didnt heard my friend that used over RM40 a month at SWW get an SILVER rare card..

  2. i agree, i think they sell boss cards or some gold cards (rare cards) to people to earn more, because i play in Malaysia sww also.