Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Timezone Double $ vouchers ~ Had been send out


Every AK fans who request them will receive latest by Thursday (30 June 2011).Check your letter box ! Please Top up by this Sunday (3rd July) before it expire...

Vouchers had been sent out to the following AK fans :
(1) Adrian Poh 9xxxx020
(2) Nathalie Yeo 9xxxx121
(3) Bryan Soh Zhi Jie 9xxxx143
(4) HN Kang 9xxxx130
(5) Gavin Lim 9xxxx696
(6) Antony Ong 9xxxx727
(7) Ridhauddin 8xxxx960
(8) Chou Nian Kai 9xxxx026
(9) Belinda Koh 9xxxx812
(10)Ong Chong Hwee/Amy Koh 9xxxx535/6xxxx318
(11)Evan Koh 9xxxx544
(12)Henry (AK Hunter) 9xxxx890
(13)Stanley 9xxxx237
(14)Brendan Neo Jia Wei 9xxxx788
(15)Cliff 9xxxx789
(16)Amir 8xxxx689
(17)Lawerence (North point TZ)

Response from Winners :

Lol! Expire in 3 days ! Hope to receive soon and top up on Saturday but thanks alot anyways!LOL I just went to top up at TZ just now... but they just started double dollar deal again -.- so no need to use XD
~ Gavin Lim

Thank u very much
~ Ridhauddin

Thks Bro...
~ Stanley

I'm Choosen ? Yay but when does it expire?I send you via Yahoo .I think got sending problem..must top up........ den wait for ak evolution... den..... CHIONG A
~ Brendan Neo Jia Wei

U really can send me meh ?Okay thks
~ Henry (AK Hunter)

expire so fast =.="
~ Adrian Poh

Please give me $20+$20 top-up voucher as I don't top up too much on my card if I am a lucky winner.Ya thanks chua eric
~ Nathalie Penguini Yeo

Congratulations,Gavin Lim Kang Jie,Adrian Poh and WAIT WAIT WAIT IS IT HN KANG?!?!FRM EBAY?!?!anyway AK-SG sent out our vouchers,and i ordered one too!
~ Bryan Soh

Can this voucher be extend ?

I have a voucher that is $20+$20. And it's expiry date is on 3rd July, is thre a way that the voucher can be delayed? PSLE this year can't go to tz much. And can't go before 3rd July.
~ Nathalie Penguini Yeo

Official Reply :

Hi, Nathalie, the cut out voucher will expire on this 3rd July and our programming system for this cut out voucher will cease. However, you can still enjoyed the double dollar deals promotion with our Friday Treats on every friday for a limited period. Thanks
~ Timezone Singapore

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