Monday, December 12, 2011

Axel's (Haru) AK Card Strategies #3

By: Haru Asakura

(this guide is made under boredom, so it's up to you if you wanna follow it. You've been warned)
Abilities: Holy Burst
Holy Burst is White Knights most powerful (and extremely useful) ability. It lets you to power up all of your moves to Lv.5 whenever your animal's Health runs low.

... Strategy:
This ability will be automatically activated whenever your Health hits the yellow/red line. Once it activated in one round, the effect will stay until you made it to the next round. So, if you want to activate the Holy Burst in all rounds, equip your animal with Evil/Burning aura to restore your animal's health to green zone, and you can use another Holy Burst for the next round (only if your animal's health is green on that round, though...)

The chance of provoking it if your health is half is rather small, so that's why I said "Yellow/Red" because it'll be more likely to happen

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