Monday, December 12, 2011

I dream of Death Scorch !!

I had a dream that I had death scorch and then I woke up check don't have lol but I got my saturn saw so that's good enuf!
~ Tommie Bub

LOL yesterday I just dreamed about Animal Kaiser...Story begins:Death Scorch found me and he wants to kill me with his 'Hell Jigoku Berserker'...I'm so scared but the hero of justice save me!!!guess who?!Master Leo!Wow amazing+LOL!!! :D
~ Yokke Putra

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  1. That's good! I have Saturn saw too! I think yours is silver rare!

    You dreamed about death scorch found you and he wants to kill you with his "hell jigoku berserker" and master Leo save you? That was GREAT!!!!!!

    Post by AK fan