Monday, December 12, 2011

Got disqualified from ak tournament at AMK hub

Ytd morning, left house at 10.30am. Den on the way amk hub, traffic jam. Den wan to park inside amk hub carpark, oso jam. Reach at zone x at 11.05am. They disqualified me. Wtf ?!! Y I always first one to play ?? Is it someone set me up ?? I told the staff that caught in traffic jam, they sill so I got disqualified from being late.

Wtf ? I can control traffic isit ??? My fault ah ??? And y I first one play ??? Think the staff purposely put me the first one. I wrote a letter of complain to them. And here is their reply is must reach before 15min. The traffic cause the whole thing. Den nvm. Afternoon went to beyblade finals, lost in first round again. Today is the worst day of my life.

Den when we registered for the tournament they told us to give them their contact number. They should at least call me to confirm where am I. If I’m nearby already den they could jus start the other matches first. Or else get number for fk ?

i try to be there early but traffic jam how control leh??? don tell me i call president come and create one pathway for me to go there smoothly. LOL

~ animalkaiser98


Really your unlucky day…
~ tornado 1234

i don’t think this is the 1st time you taking part in the tournament right ... they will draw lots, everyone will take turn, when all have their lots drawn, the last piece will be yours

you should have come out early, i will try to reach there around 10.30am or earlier and not come out of the house at 10.30am ...just my opinion

~ rickyngct

You everytime late for tournament at amk la.....i was there 3 weeks, ricky help u to delay abit if not you get disqualified also ma. Next time leave you home abit earlier lor.
~ Ben/Alan Lim

We started the tournament at 11.05 actually.. Plus we waited a while.. Firstly the FAQ got state all the terms that u have to be early..
Don’t believe u can ask Sylvest.. All the contestants reached b4 11 n pickthe lots.. Another guy was already in Zone X earlier than u but he wasnt there when the judge called for him.. Therefore a walkover too.. He was in Zone X looking at other games when we all gathered to start the tournament.. Isn’t that more heartache?

~ AkRookie

Actually solution is so simple. dumb organisers should just do this and all problems solve. example tournament start at 11am. all contestants who are around in pairs start first put those absent at the last to start match.

when all matches have finish, if they not here by then, then is walkover.

~ jamieyeo

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