Monday, January 30, 2012

1 bronze = ?? normal

‎1 Bronze rare card= ........ Normal card??
(how many normal card I get for a 1 Bronze card??)

~ Yulius Natalis Ega Pratama

Reply :

maybe 40? well at least in singapore, a bronze is $4-8. a normal card is $0.20 ... so it can be around 20 - 40 normal cards depending on the bronze
~ Gavin Lim Kang Jie

No it is to much normal card. Maybe 5 or 10
~ Andre Silalahi

Just 3.Maybe
~ Celestial Lightning Fan

‎5 normals.
~ Bernard Alaric S

between 7-9
~ Sahasi Jatmiko Kaguyago

Maybe for silly person 1
~ Andre Silalahi

i think if normal evo for bronze ver1-6 can be 1-2 card coz they have focus :)
~ Nandyo d'Air Strike

you can't compare normal cards to rare cards... as simple as that !
plus you can get like 10,000 normal cards but you can't trade it for an ultra cuz they are in a different level

~ Marcel Tuason

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