Monday, January 30, 2012

Wanted to trade for promotion card

‎** Urgent news***

When i played Ak today, i saw a boy, and he has one uncommon card that is hard to get. that card is vampire hippo barry. although it is normal rare, i want it. when i said that i want to trade with him my hippo barry, he refused. that card is promo but pro.

Another promo card that was used by another person is saber toothed tiger. strenth is 5000 and health is 3000 with extint declaration. if anybody wanna trade his PROMO card, meet me at star factory. i willl decide on the cards i will exchange for yours. the star factory is located at jurong point singapore. only exclusive for singaporeans.

*** i got a bronze rare mata mata on my first game!***

~ Wong Wei Wen


I have a vampire hippo harry i want to sell. i live in SG too.It is uncommon now cos u can only get by tournament as a consolation prize, and there are no tournaments yet in 2012
~ Gavin Lim Kang Jie

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