Monday, January 30, 2012

Obsession (This is what Atlas And Death Scorch Wants for this world)


hi all AK fan!! i made this 4 block AK comic. ENJOY!!

this is what Atlas And Death Scorch Wants for this world...for information, i copying this comic from magazine and changed it to AK version. Next comic making : about how scorch got his scar

~ Sahasi Jatmiko Kaguyago

Atlas: I will Drop A meteor shower and make this world my own!

Death Scorch: i will drop a giant meteor and put this world in Chaos!

Death scorch: Who the heck are you!!? I will become the ruler of the world
Atlas: What!? im the one to become the ruler of this world! i have more charisma!
Death scorch:but im more Handsome than you! you are the one who supposed to step aside!
Atlas: what did you say!!?

they start fighting each other
Death Scorch:You Old Brat!!
Atlas:You Half Dead!!
Master Leo: hey.. how about our final battle?
Apollo: leave them be, we just need to kill the one who win.


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