Monday, January 30, 2012

Faster Way to Get Rare Cards

Faster Way to Get Rare Cards : When the cards is empty, call the arcade's officer to fill the card. When the officer fill the card to the machine with a single deck, steal one of the card deck (another new deck..that is not loaded yet) and hide somewhere !
~ Wilson Linaldero


It's very hard to do that
~ Craig Hong

Too impossible , if the other people sees you , you're as good as dead ( not literllaly )
~ Jesse Joseph

Blog Master: This is totally WRONG ...DO NOT Opts for STEALING will end up in police station for doing such thing ! Usually most arcade staff only bring 1 deck to load the machine...they will not bring any other extra deck cards to place on the floor ...for you to steal ! This is impossible thought ! Just forget such method..

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